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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is transitional housing?

This is housing provided to ex-offenders for a specific limited period of time. Unlike a halfway house, a transitional home provides housing in a structured environment which in the case of OHOH includes work skills training, financial management training, substance abuse counseling where needed and spiritual development.

Are these violent or sexual offenders?

Because we are non- government funded we accept only those offenders that go through our strict selection process. No currently violent offenders or sex offenders will be accepted.

Will these men be allowed to come and go as they please?

No. For the first 90 days they will not be allowed out except to attend church services under supervision. After the first 90 days they will be given a little more independence based upon approval of our onsite house manager.

Will they be under constant supervision?

Yes, Their will be an onsite house manager there to coordinate programs and monitor behavior 24/7.

Who will be paying for all of this?

Through private foundation grants, church and personal donations. Please go to our website- – to see how you can assist in this worthy cause.

How many will be living there?

5-6 residents plus the house manager.

Will they be required to work?


Will there be rules and regulations they will have to follow?

Yes, there are strict rules and regulations including: 1. Mandatory church attendance and daily Bible study and devotions. 2. All finances controlled by the house until they complete financial management curriculum 3. Visitation rules 4. Unacceptable behavior resulting in major and minor violations. These rules are read, agreed to and signed as a contract during the application process.

What happens if they break the rules?

Major violations and multiple minor violations will result in expulsion from the house. Fines will accompany single minor violations.

How long are they allowed to stay?

The program is from 6 to 12 months

What type of spiritual guidance are they going to receive, if any?

Spiritual growth is the basis of the whole program. Mandatory weekly church attendance, daily Bible study and devotions and daily spiritual peer group sessions are just a part of that program.
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